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Welcome to Raylene's Heart Offerings

Raylene Abbott is a visionary, healer and author who has worked with various spiritual disciplines of prayer and meditation for almost thirty years. She is the author of "A Garden of Woman's Wisdom" and "The Garden Speaks" Video.  Over time she has written on a number of different spiritual subjects. This site is an offering that represents some of her insights.

She has released the CDs "The Songs of the Fairy Godmother" and "The Songs and Stories of The Fairy Godmother" Vol. 1 & 2.

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Nature Attunement

Would you like to know more about the plants and their uses around you? A Nature walk with Raylene can deepen your understanding towards nature and the plant kingdom. She offers her thirty years of working with herbs and wild plants as medicine, cosmetics and flower essences.

For those who are looking for a more spiritual approach to Nature her insight into the devic kingdom will delight the inner child in anyone. Learn to work with the Nature Spirits through meditation and close observation so that you can begin to notice the nature spirits behind all forms in the natural world.
$60 per hour

E-mail: Amamet1000@Yahoo.com

Phone Sessions Available

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Please visit the other pages with information about the devic realms, an interview about Sacred Relationships and excerpts from Raylene's upcoming new book "Between The Visions".


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Testimonials About Raylene's Work:
Due to the intensive and loving attention and care that Raylene bestowed upon me she not only helped me to heal the wounds from my divorce, but empowered me to draw into my life my Beloved. I am convinced that if it was not for the work that Raylene did that my life would not have changed so dramatically. I am VERY happy and peaceful with the spiritual being in male form who is now helping and suporting me in my spiritual work here on earth! If people knew the joy, and bliss (plus great sex!) that comes with finding their true mate, they would be lined up and knocking down Raylene's door. Her healing work creates the loving atmosphere and trust that everyone needs to create an opening to attract someone in their life to share their life with at a deep spiritual level. I highly recommend it! If it can happen to me after a disastrous marriage and divorce, then it can happen to you! She gave me the courage to love again, and the strength to give love a chance at a very deep level.
Rev. Jacquelyn Sendak

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